KelloggSmith | Our Approach

Our Approach

Benefits that contribute to your organization’s success

Kellogg Smith uses a multi-disciplined approach to maximize your employee benefit program ROI that improves employee satisfaction, productivity and your bottom line through:

  • Rigorous assessment of current program costs, design, administration, and compliance to uncover risks and opportunities
  • Over 2 decades of insurance market expertise and carrier underwriting experience
  • Effective cost-management strategies
  • Emerging plan design trends customized to your business
  • Tailored education to achieve employee benefit plan understanding, engagement and appreciation
  • Provide employees with a health insurance advocate to navigate the healthcare system and improve employee satisfaction
  • Incorporate supplemental insurance options and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that your employees and their families value
  • Improve health and wellness awareness and preventive care practices to improve employee satisfaction, group medical claims and reduce absenteeism
  • Outsource day-to-day plan administration
  • HR and government compliance tools and resources to mitigate employer liability
  • Web-based technology solutions providing employees 24/7 access to enrollment and benefit information

Employee Advocate

While Kellogg Smith is committed to educating employees on the nuances of their benefit plans, questions or claim problems ultimately arise.  Kellogg Smith is dedicated to assisting your employees in navigating the healthcare system. In our role as a health insurance advocate for your employees, we:

  • Remove you and your benefit manager from employee medical and pharmacy claim problems, prior authorization issues, questions regarding coordination of benefits, or understanding member out of pocket responsibility
  • Speak to your employees in plain English (or Spanish!) to explain EOB’s, provider invoices, resolve claim disputes or compare costs for scheduled procedures
  • Educate your employees on how to get the most of their plan benefits and reduce their out of pocket medical expenses and ways to save money on prescription drugs
  • Improve your employees’ experience and satisfaction with their benefit plan

HR / Compliance

We recognize the needs of business for assistance with human resources issues and ever-changing government compliance requirements.  As a Kellogg Smith group client, you gain the resources of experienced HR professionals and access to an award-winning online HR and compliance resource center that provides instant access to:

  • The latest healthcare reform guidance, timelines and impact to your business under PPACA.
  • Federal requirements under COBRA, HIPAA, CHIPA, FMLA with clear explanations and guidance
  • State-specific mandates
  • Human Resources and employment practices
  • Customizable employee handbook
  • Federal posting and annual employee notification requirements
  • Extensive downloadable HR forms and notices library
  • Monthly employee benefit newsletter with relevant news, trends and legislative updates

What Employees Should Know

Given the amount employers spend today on health insurance and other benefit plans, we believe it is important that employees know the cost.   Kellogg Smith provides client-specific Total Compensation Statement that:

  • Provide a personalized statement of direct and indirect compensation for each employee based on income and benefit elections
  • Translate and quantify the intangible value of your company-provided employee benefits into dollars and cents
  • Improve employees’ awareness and appreciation of their total compensation

Indirect (non-wage) compensation includes the employer ‘s cost for health, dental, life, disability and retirement plans, as well as payments toward Medicare, Social Security, Workers Compensation and Unemployment.  Direct compensation includes all forms of wages and paid time off.

Outsourced Administration

In this day and age of leaner organizations, Kellogg Smith gladly assumes the role as your one contact point for all your benefit plans.   Our daily administration services include:

  • Online processing of all employee enrollments, changes, terminations
  • Election and payroll deduction confirmation
  • New hire eligibility tracking
  • Enrollment and billing issue resolution
  • Coordination with COBRA vendor in the event of loss of coverage
  • ID cards and enrollment supply fulfillment